Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll get in the first few minutes of MTV’s new teen drama, Skins: Masturbation. Porn. References to “girl-on-girl.” Parties, vomit, and a whole lot of prescription drugs. The plot of the first episode? Figure out how to get Stanley, a quirky, shy 16-year-old who’s in love with his best friend’s girlfriend, laid before his 17th birthday. How to do it? “We go to a party and get some girl’recaucusly spliffed,” his friend tells him. “In her confused state, she comes to believe—momentarily, of course—that you’re attractive. And then she bangs your brains out.”

In which NEWSWEEK asks, Is Skins the Most Dangerous Show on TV? (Photo courtesy MTV)

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    “Most dangerous show on tv?” fuck off. Theres little 5 year old girls crying their eyes out for little talentless boy...
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    “stupid impressionable sheep” yes
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    they look annoying already, and 12, collectively. bet i watch anywayyys. via
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    I dont think its dangerous… I think Skins is awesome :D
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    NO. JUST NO. I heard about...Skins months ago, (right after I finished watching series 2,...
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    okay; i’ve seen the first two seasons of the original (british) version of the show, and the pilot plot is the same -...
  14. extrapickles said: so, mtv undressed part 2?
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    Please, everyone boycott this ignorant fucking shit. Stop letting the media tell your kids this is acceptable behavior.
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    It’s not MTV’s TV show. It’s a Channel 4’s TV show (which is a British TV channel). It’s yet another example of...
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    Its like a bloody documentary of my life…
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    someone must’ve ran...ideas.. hence, this show..
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    i cant wait!
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