First iPad-only newspaper ‘The Daily’ shutting down on December 15th

:( A real heartbreaker. As you guys might know, some of SFB’s staff worked for The Daily until a recent round of layoffs. (I also did a piece for the publication a while back.) Peter, who you might know as BrooklynMutt, also worked on it. They also ran one of the best big-media Tumblrs. It was a great publication with solid design and a forward-looking approach — a real trailblazer. Its death is all-around sad. — Ernie @ SFB

I’m so sad right now : (

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    A great sense of inevitability about this….
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    The Daily felt like a reach. I suppose there is room for online publications behind pay walls but its going to be more...
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    I thought newspapers were going out of business because of online publications. What gives?
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    I’m so sad right now : (
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    ^ This. if you’re going to hate on all of Rupert Murdoch’s failures, you may as well treat all his successes with...
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