Pinned Posts?

Do you guys read them, or do you treat them like pop-up ads, and get rid of them ASAP?

  1. librarianpirate answered: depends on the pin - I often read it and don’t unfollow for it
  2. wounduppenguin answered: I unpin when they’re still at the top after refreshing the page. They don’t bother me, but I don’t know that I’m more likely to read the post
  3. pinkhyuk answered: get rid of them ASAP and unfollow whoever is posting them
  4. lovexanchorsthesoul answered: I get rid of that shit reallll quick ahha SO ANNOYING
  5. theviraltruth answered: Get rid of them ASAP.
  6. charlottehassen answered: Get rid of ‘em ASAP. If I follow you, I’ll see it. No need to put it at the top.
  7. alchemylace answered: a bit of both depending if there are too many words on first glance.
  8. serendippity answered: disconcerting. It’s an ok idea, to highlight a post, but should fall back into it’s natural place after the first refresh.
  9. blissandzen said: I’ve only seen two, I think. They’re a bit disconcerting when you refresh and the top post doesn’t change. Makes me think my connection died.
  10. littlesquidbubbles answered: Like a pop up ad.
  11. onlyforthedogs answered: get rid of them asap, and contemplate un-following
  12. dosukebe answered: Rarely see pinned posts but quickly unpin them.
  13. bloggingakymbo answered: Read them, then unpin.
  14. keturi answered: get rid of them ASAP!
  15. beerburritowhiskey answered: I read them to see what’s so important, then un-pin them. I think it’s a bit of a waste to pin an image UNLESS it conveys information.
  16. underdormanttrees answered: i get rid of them because i like to see the thumbtack fly away its cool
  17. ofeachparticularthingask answered: Get rid of them.
  18. ininterestingtimes answered: I like the ones Me In My Place pinns but other than that get rid of them right away
  19. texmarie answered: I unpin without reading.
  20. gjmueller answered: pop-ups
  21. quietandbusy answered: I usually get rid of them ASAP - it’s a bit annoying to have 6 or 7 pinned posts pop up every time you go to your dash.
  22. themindofskank answered: auto-ignore.
  23. blondesgirlsdohavemorefun answered: depending…i usually treat them like pop up
  24. heylucifer answered: popup ads and get rid of them. makes me resent and want to unfollow tumblrs that use them.
  25. alohanico answered: Unpin without reading.
  26. and-the-pickles answered: Immediately unpin.
  27. doodletome answered: Depends on the post, but 9/10 times I unpin them asap.
  28. herblondness said: Pop ups
  29. troublebrewsinthegirlsroom said: Read once then destroy. That shit is so obnoxious.
  30. youremmylou answered: the latter
  31. anumnum answered: pop up ads for sure
  32. goodchillhunting answered: gone asap
  33. panickyintheuk answered: Get rid. In fact I have a script that gets rid for me.
  34. larry-leeds2-luhhve answered: Depends on what they say lol. Usually end up getting rid of them.
  35. jaybowls answered: I didn’t realize you can unpin them until this post. That said, its hard to ignore them the first time so I give it a quick glace as usual.
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  37. wolfperson1 answered: un-pin immediately. I don’t even skim them anymore
  38. mar-see-ah answered: generally I get rid of them, esp text heavy posts. loads of text is the LAST thing I want when I first log into tumblr. But I like some pics
  39. placematt answered: if it is a gif I look at it if it’s words I do not look at it
  40. climateadaptation answered: unpin asap. dont read. also avoid giving a ‘like’ when they pop up again out of contemptuous malice.
  41. secretlycommital answered: get rid immediately usually. they’re all from the same person on my dash
  42. bethanysworld answered: Depends on who it is and how much they use it. I think it’s a good occasional tool, but maybe not more than 1 every couple of weeks
  43. prince-guise answered: I read them, but I am quicker to unpin them if the person pins too often.
  44. thenewhotness said: Unless the title catches my eye in the 1 second it takes to unpin, it’s gone. And if there is more than 1 thing pinned at a time I don’t even look
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