J. Crew Sparks Debate: 

The image appeared in a feature called “Saturday With Jenna,” which was emailed to customers last week and highlights a few of J.Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons’ favorite products — including the hot pink Essie nail polish seen on her son, Beckett. The caption below the picture reads, “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.” - FoxNews

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    Saw this in the original ad and thought, “how sweet!” That kid is not having deep thoughts about his gender identity,...
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    I’m sure there are others out there that have spoken up - but it’s nice to hear a guy’s (above, loafers) speak on the...
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    UHG. I hate the world. My son is awesome and asks to have his nails painted in rainbow colors weekly. And that is...
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    Good god. I weep for our children.
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    notice how it says “top stories: suspected of killing a u.s. border patrol agent near…” in the top picture. instead of...
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    excellent editorializing below
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    who says nail polish is “girls only” anyways? it’s not like the bottles come with fine print banning males from using...
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    liking pink does not make a boy any more gender confused than liking blue makes a girl gender confused. Women are not...
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    according to “Erin R. Brown”, who is from the “media research center culture & media inst.”, this J. Crew ad is a bad...
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    Good God. Will Fox News please just grow the fuck up?
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    What now?
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    Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, ‘cause it’s OK to be a boy. But for a boy to look...