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MSNBC debuted new “Lean Forward” ads today featuring the network’s four primetime hosts: Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz.

But there’s something different about the ads this time around. They’re directed by Spike Lee, and Oscar-nominated Matthew Libatique, who worked on “Black Swan,” served as the director of photography.

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    Best ads ever? I think so.
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    Did I just sit here and watch all of them? Yes, Yes I did.
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    BRB, just watching all the Rachel Maddow ones…
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    sdhkfkdjs Rachel looks so cute and adorable!!
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    I’ve been waiting for these since Maddow talked about them in an interview (I think it was on Fallon)
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    Yes to these.
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    Love that Spike Lee is directing commercials for MSNBC—take that Tyler Perry via
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