Here’s Cenk Uygur fascinating take on his departure from MSNBC

MSNBC, not surprisingly, told the NYTimes that Uygur’s version of events are false:

In an interview on Wednesday, [MSNBC Pres.] Mr. Griffin denied Mr. Uygur’s accusations and sounded disappointed that he had decided not to accept the weekend position. “We never told Cenk what to say or what not to say,” Mr. Griffin said. 

The “people in Washington,” he said, were MSNBC producers who were responsible for booking guests for the 6 p.m. hour, and some of them had said that Mr. Uygur’s aggressive body language and overall demeanor were making it harder to book guests. “The conversation was, ‘Hey, look, here’s how we can make it better’ — about physical things on the show,” Mr. Griffin said. 

For more, go to InsideCableNews who is all over this.

Al Gore and Keith Olbermann should grab Cenk ASAP. He’s talented and unafraid. He fits in perfectly with what CurrentTV claims it wants to be. 

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