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C-SPAN callers prank hosts, Mitt Romney feels violated

Here’s just one of a number of videos posted over at Mediaite, showing a bombardment of rather salacious prank calls about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Well, really, about one particular thing about him. We have to say, of all the TV outlets to try to slip a prank call past, something about doing it to C-SPAN seems inherently more amusing. However, C-SPAN says they won’t go with a delay on callers, according to Jim Romenesko.

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C-SPAN Caller- Helen Thomas’ Statements Were ‘Spot On.’

The caller also said the Jews were “immigrants coming from Europe who were kicked out mainly because of diseases and homosexuality that were spreading.” He went on to say that the Holocaust occurred because Germany wanted Jews out of their country, but “nobody would take them” because they were spreading disease through prostitution and homosexuality. - Mediaite

“In Depth: Pat Buchanan Live on CSPAN: Pat Buchanan will be interviewed for a full three hours on C-SPAN2 Book TV, Sunday.”


three hours of Pat standing up for the discrimination bill in Ariz. should be fun though because they take phone calls during In Depth. CSPAN callers are always entertaining.

Q&A: Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis, author of “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.” He tells the story of several key players in the subprime mortgage crisis who made huge profits from their understanding of credit default swaps.

CSPAN’s Brian Lamb does an excellent job here. I’ve seen Michael Lewis making the rounds to sell his book and this is the best interview yet. 

'93 Hillary Clinton testified in front of Congress concerning the president's health care reform proposal.

Ex-Rep (R) Dick Armey: “Mrs. Clinton let me also express my appreciation to you for the work you’ve done and your willingness to come before this committee today. And to tell you what a joy it is to see you here. I listened to the chairman’s opening statement and while I don’t share the chairman’s joy at our holding hearings on a government run health care system. I do share his intention to make the debate, a legislative process, as exciting as possible.”
Hillary Clinton: “I’m sure you will do that, Mr. Armey.” [smiling]
Dick Armey: “We’ll do the best we can.” [smiling]
Hillary Clinton: "You and Dr. Kevorkian." [room filled with laughter]

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See the only C-SPAN appearance by Rachel Maddow via the C-SPAN Video Library.

Aug 21, 2007 Rachel Maddow talked by remote video from New York City about politics, public affairs, and her experiences as a liberal talk show host and blogger writing about the campaigns. She responded to telephone calls and e-mail.


from cspan’s newsmakers - David Axelrod talked about the Obama Administration’s policy priorities, relations with Congress, and how the White House views the 2010 elections.

President Obama’s full speech at the House Republican retreat in Baltimore.

Plus, the full Q&A here

Byron Dorgan correctly predicted the difficulties repeal of Glass-Steagall would cause our economy.

"I think we will, in ten years time, look back and say ‘We should not have done this.”

Note the date on this C-SPAN segment: November 1999

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