The Crumbling Legitimacy of Analytics in the Age of Twitter

It’s amazing how many people, when they smell blood in the water, will attack Twitter’s legitimacy due to May’s flatline growth according to Compete and Quantcast (1.47% and -6.4% respectively). The legitimacy they should be questioning is analytic services like Compete, Quantcast and Nielsen’s ability to track ubiquitous applications where uniques can be generated from browser, mobile browser, SMS, RSS, email, and API calls to power 3rd party version of all of these plus native desktop, mobile applications, injest bridges to Facebook, FriendFeed, every search engine, and even the aggregated social commentary on this page. The consumption rotation from to tools like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop is well documented. There is no application on the planet with as many integration points and distribution mechanisms as Twitter, so to measure their usage, the analytics companies must innovate at the speed, breadth and depth of of the sprawl. So, if you believe that Compete, Nielsen and Quantcast, with their propreietary methodologies and scoring, can keep up with the transparent and externalized innovation of Twitter with its army of global 3rd party application developers, I submit that innovation not only tests authority, it redefines it.

Originally posted as a comment by gbattle on Mashable - The Social Media Guide using Disqus.

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