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Today in Anderson Cooper making people look stupid simply by asking questions: This lady. It may be the best entry in this subgenre of news since this video(via pbump)

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“You get to ask the questions, and I get to answer how I want to.”

Rick Perry, flatly refusing to answer moderator Anderson Cooper’s question, even when Cooper explicitly stressed he wanted him to respond to his question rather than go after Herman Cain. On top of his aggressive interruptions of Mitt Romney, it seems clear Perry’s strategy is to come out swinging with high-energy, but frankly, we think he’s coming off as massively rude and undisciplined. (via shortformblog)

Here’s the video of Anderson Cooper totally losing it tonight. Priceless. - @acarvin

Anderson Cooper begs, ‘Stop paying Snooki to be Snooki’

- Los Angeles Times

New video of the attack on Anderson Cooper


The Attack On CNN’s Anderson Cooper On The Streets Of Cairo

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Anderson Cooper decribes attack on him and his CNN crew in Egypt