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Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web

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Sounds right to me.

Oregon Court Rules Blogging Isn’t Journalism - TIME →

Judge Marco Hernandez has ruled against Chrystal Cox, who describes herself as an “Investigative Blogger Exposing Corruption“, in a defamation case brought by the Obsidian Finance Group. Citing a confidential source as the starting point for the claims she had made, Cox believed that she was protected by Oregon’s Shield Law, which allows for journalists’ anonymous sources to keep their anonymity. Judge Hernandez, however, disagreed.

Hernandez ruled that the Shield Law is limited to traditional media (broadcast news, newspapers and magazines), adding that Cox has failed to show that she has any evidence of an education in journalism or “any credential of proof of any affliliation with a recognized news entity.” As a result, she now faces a potential $2.5 million judgment and, unsurprisingly, plans to appeal.

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10 steps to better blogging →


This is a pretty great list by Dan Frommer. You could apply this to just about anything related to content creation.

Lady Tumblring! An extra-special Tumblr Tuesday.



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New York magazine has a really, really excellent piece on modern feminism, and particularly, feminist and female voices on the internet. They provide an abridged list of such blogs, but I thought I’d let you know who some of the important lady bloggers here on Tumblr you should be following. (Note: I know a number of bloggers on this list actively consider themselves feminist, but some may not. Many of their blogs also aren’t exclusively or mostly aren’t about feminism or gender politics.)

Pantsless Progressive. Lots of political wit and tons of information on both domestic and international politics. Also, my Tumblr Wife.

Red Light Politics. Flavia has really sharp critiques of a wide variety of political and cultural topics, based on race, class and gender. She also blogs for Tiger Beatdown.

Kateoplis (Who sent me the link to this piece. Thanks Kate!). She’s an excellent curator of everything from news to art, and also runs a solidarity blog with the Iranian Green movement called Sea of Green.

Jessica Valenti. One of the voices of contemporary feminism, founder of the amazing blog Feministing and author of works like The Purity Myth and Full Frontal Feminism. She is now a columnist for The Daily. 

Mohandas Gandhi. Has a lot of sass. You all are surely following her already, but she’s got all sorts of things to say on the environment, human rights and progressivism. A necessary addition to your Tumblr feed. 

Jess Bennett. Journalist and the current mind behind Newsweek’s tumblr, she writes on women’s issues along with Jesse Ellison on the tumblr blog Equality Myth.

Samia ben Charqui. A Moroccan-American blogger extraordinaire, her thoughts on Moroccan political economy and her takedowns of orientalism have earned her some well-deserved attention around the blogosphere. 

Rachel Fershleiser. A writer, formerly of Housing Works Bookstore, founder of Six-Word Memoirs and creator of the Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich meme. Her blog is full of lit and politics and bookstores. 

This list is not comprehensive!

I’m not going to throw my weight behind the idea of following all the names on this list without exception—because I’ve followed and subsequently unfollowed a few myself—but this is a great starting point for those of you interested in reading blogs of this nature.

I’m going to recommend you follow them anyway, simply because Torie knows what she’s talking about.

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Mashable’s Lauren Indvik has a great article up today on Tumblr for brands

As Tumblr‘s reach continues to grow, more brands — particularly those in the fashion and media industries — are adding the blogging platform to their online marketing mixes.

But, you might wonder, is Tumblr right for me and my business? Who uses the platform, and how do I engage the users who are there? What can I expect to achieve?

Let’s take a look.

How are you using Tumblr for your brand? 


John Battelle: I heard blogs are dead.

Matt Mullenweg: I heard that too, on a blog.

A conversation about blogs as the Independent Web, with some time spent on how Tumblr fits into the equation.

Mullenweg is the founder and creator of WordPress, which between and is the most used blogging platform/Content Management System on the Web.

Batelle is the founder of Federated Media, an advertising network focussed on providing solutions to independent media.

Run Time: 18 minutes with 12 minutes of Q&A.