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Presented without comment. 

"We should probably blur that." - CNN reporter. 

CNN shows the face of the child who was pulled from the car driven by the woman allegedly involved in the D.C. car chase and subsequent shooting at the U.S. Capitol.

(I blurred it)

"MSNBC challenged CNN for the Stupidity Crown. They transitioned to this topic after discussing TX abortion bill." - @KerithBurke

Howard Kurtz quits CNN to host Fox News media program - JIMROMENESKO →

The longtime host of CNN’s “Reliable Source” show, is jumping to Fox News to host a weekend media program and write for

From a reliable source to an unreliable one.” @ShortFormErnie

CNN Partners With BuzzFeed on YouTube Channel - The Hollywood Reporter →

"[A] lot of them [on my Facebook page] said you were hurting your own cause because, one, you appeared rude to the President of the United States and, two, you just seemed a little, uh, crazy.” - CNN host to Code Pink activist - The Raw Story

Yeah, so this just happened.