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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes — along with Gawker’s Cord Jefferson — hilariously mock Bill O’Reilly and his ilk with this satirical report about the prevalence of criminal white culture and “white-on-white” violence. 

Harlem Reacts to ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos 


V.F. contributing editor Michael Lewis had unprecedented access to President Obama in the White House, on Air Force One, and on the basketball court for his October feature. Read a preview of the story and see more photos here.

Photograph by Pete Souza/Official White House Photograph

Is the term "middlebrow" still an insult? →


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Nowadays, of course, such disdain for lowbrow fare is decidedly unfashionable; we live in an age of “Unibrowism,” as Louis Menand calls it (or “Nobrow,” to use John Seabrook’s term). And the manifesto by Macdonald, much as I wanted to like it (Macdonald is an endearing figure in many ways—plus, my dad lent me a copy of Against the American Grain when I was in college; he especially liked Macdonald’s takedown of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible), seems frankly snobbish and unappealing.

But it does raise an interesting question. While unabashedly lowbrow art has long ceased to be disreputable, has the term “middlebrow” also lost its sting?


The Present – “annual clock” tells time in seasons, using subtle gradients of pure color, to counter the modern malady of constantly feeling like time is moving too fast

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