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Axelrod departure, Plouffe arrival moved up - POLITICO →

David Axelrod’s long-anticipated departure from the White House is happening a little earlier than expected – right after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech in late January or early February – so the  senior adviser can “recharge his batteries,” according to a senior administration official.

David Plouffe — Obama’s 2008 campaign manager and most skilled organization builder - will be joining the West Wing staff in early January, also a bit earlier than predicted, to help a reeling White House cope with the biggest midterm rebuke any president has suffered in decades.

Axelrod’s mildly accelerated departure, first reported by CNN Monday night, immediately stoked speculation among some congressional Democrats that the White House is planning a more sweeping overhaul of the West Wing than was expected.


Starting at 8pm EST tonight, watch the live webcast of Elie Wiesel and David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama, as they bring to the stage the key findings from the Conference of Nobel Laureates, focusing on how to manage the changing nature of leadership in the 21st Century.

"Have you ever heard of hippie punching?" That prompted a long silence from Axelrod.

"You want us to help you, the first thing I would suggest is enough of the hippie punching," Madrak [of Crooksandliars] added. "We’re [the liberal blogosphere] the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day."

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere’s anger at the White House moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out Axelrod over White House criticism of the left, accusing Axelrod of “hippie punching.”

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David Axelrod: Administration, Media Did Sherrod a ‘Great Disservice’

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