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"Who fell asleep in the rain? Did you fall asleep in the rain? Yes you did." - @Splats

“In some of our (budget) negotiations, colleagues would call and ask if I could bring Dakota,” Conrad said. “He calmed everyone down.” - Former Sen. Conrad mourns death of dog Dakota (Grand Forks Herald)

First Dog Bo stole the spotlight from First Lady Michelle Obama as she sat down to begin reading to children at Children’s National Medical Center in a video released by the White House Christmas Eve. 


"Man’s best friend" can also be "World’s best photobomber"

(Mail Online)

"Funny. Dickish, but funny! I happen to know something about that intersection … I live there." - Jon Stewart

"Good pic of my son Jimmy’s bulldog, Apollo - I’m sorry Mr. President, he’s not on the menu!" - @SenJohnMcCain


Heineken denounces dog-fighting photo
A year-old photo of Heineken banners at a dog fight has recently gone viral.

Izzy Winnard: “Our dog Alfie likes to poke his head through a gap in our wall to watch passersby”

(Photograph: Izzy Winnard - The Guardian)

Bulletproofed dogs are ready for another bin Laden-style raid

If you see this dog coming for you, run. Thanks to his extensive training — and customized body armor that can cost upward of $30,000 — he’s bulletproof, can hear through concrete and can record high-def video of missions, even in the dead of night.

Since the moment it was revealed that the “nation’s most courageous dog” (Update: named “Cairo”) served alongside the 80 Navy SEALs who took out Osama bin Laden, America’s fascination with war dogs has hit a fevered pitch. And while the heart-tugging photos of these four-legged heroes are worth a look, so is the high-tech gear that helps them do their job.

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Vet Nicholas Dodman, on making end-of-life care decisions for your dog: “We listen carefully about what people are telling us about a dog’s life and we look carefully at the dog. If they have reached a point where they have given up — they’re basically lackluster, not enjoying life, not playing, not interacting, haven’t responded to any therapies, losing interest in food and social interactions — and nothing you can do can bring them back, you have to think very seriously about what is the quality of life.”

Miracle dog survives after being shot in head twice by owner & needs a loving home

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NY Jets Pro Bowl Center Nick Mangold gives out Jets tix for best fan pics sent to him via twitter. This week he asked Jets fans to include their dogs. Here is one of the winners.