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"Terrified Panda hugging police officer’s leg after an earthquake…" - @ThatsEarth


First video: Damage at a restaurant in Japan following a strong 7.1-magnitude earthquake Friday morning. The earthquake lasted about a minute and triggered a small tsunami warning for coastal areas in North Japan.

9 P.M. (PBS) Nova “Japan’s Killer Quake”

First the quake, then the tsunami… now, heavy snow in Sendai. 


Earthquake early warning for central Japan - NHK no evident shaking on live shots -  @RodrigoEBR

UPDATENew quake was not even strong. Was magnitude 4.6 - NHK

How the quake shifted Japan

Images from NASA’s Terra satellite show the coastline of Japan’s Honshu island in the area around Sendai before and after Friday’s earthquake. The left image is from Feb. 26, and the right image is from today. The images are color-coded to reflect surface composition rather than what the eye would see. The “Flood” label helps you gauge the extent of the flooding caused by the tsunami that followed the quake.

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The town of Minamisanriku, where 9500 people are unaccounted for.