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CNN has hired this douche as a contributor to John King’s program. He’s a blogger from

You see this is how CNN plays the game. They try to make believe that they are above the fray, above kowtowing to partisan fights. They won’t hire an “advocate”, they’ll point to their ouster of Lou Dobbs as proof that they are better than Fox News and MSNBC. They claim they just present news and points of views from both sides. Guys like King and Blitzer may not have an overt agenda but they allow all kinds of off base charges to fly around on their programs with little on the spot fact checking. I understand that an on site ombudsman is tough to manage because it would take time to correct all of the nonsense that is spewed. But this hire alone is proof that CNN does the same thing the others do. They just do it with surrogates not with hosts.

video of Howard Kurtz interviewing Erik Erickson here