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Two angels making snow angels.

Happy Halloween from Ava and Ria!

We’re going to see these munchkins. Lucky me!

My nieces got glasses today. The cuteness is too much!

My nieces, Ava and Ria, the future Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Ria (on the right) wins her first award!

And I get to see these two cuties tomorrow, can’t wait.  

Ria and Ava at Central Park. I can’t believe they’ll be 5 next week. 

First day of school.

Off the charts cuteness!

Recital Day: Behind the scenes pt 2 (Taken with instagram)

Recital Day: Behind the scenes (Taken with instagram)

Me: We’re [PPG and I] going to see The Cabin in the Woods. So, we’ll be there late.

My sister: Nice. What r u going for? Why wouldn’t u stay for the weekend?

Me: It’s a movie.

My sister: lol