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IN HELL  West Midland firefighters tackle a large blaze at a recycling plant in  Smethwick, England on July 1.  More than 150 firefighters worked on the blaze involving 100,000 tons of plastic recycling material; officials say a paper lantern that floated onto the property started the fire.  (Photo: West Midlands Fire Service via EPA / NBC News)


Well, that lived up to @Reuters’ pitch: “Check out right now for a stunning set of images of a man in Greece who lit himself on fire after denied a loan renegotiation.” Holy cow. Click for more, obviously. Note graphic content. (Nodas Stylianidis/Reuters)

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Metro-North has suspended all train service in and out of Grand Central Terminal because of a fire under a bridge.

The railroad said Monday that the fire was under the 138th Street lift bridge, which carries all Metro-North trains in and out of Manhattan.


PhotOh! BP’s X-rated oil disaster burn

This confirms it. We’re screwed, courtesy of BP. The Political Carnival