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Biographer David Nasaw on Joseph Kennedy’s belief in a Jewish conspiracy to get the United States to enter World War II:

At one point, in 1949, he goes to Hollywood — this is after Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator movie, which makes fun of Hitler — and he says, to a room full of Jewish studio executives, “You guys are going to be responsible for pushing the United States into war against the Nazis unless you stop your anti-Nazi films, your anti-Hitler propaganda, your anti-German propaganda. When war breaks out, the American people are going to turn on American Jewry, and there’s going to be an outbreak of anti-Semitism like you’ve never seen because the Jews are going to be held responsible for every American soldier and the destruction of the American economy.”

Image AP via NPR


Thirteen seconds of genius. We suspect this plastic bag would be fun to drink with.

[“Plastic Bag Bored Of News Interview,” Videogum]