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Since 2007, former FBI agent Bob Levinson has remained missing, but despite a video informing people of the danger he faces making the rounds in late 2011, little has been done to help him. So his family has taken another step, releasing photos of Levinson supposedly taken in Guantanamo, according to the signs Levinson’s holding — but more likely taken in an Iranian prison. His family received the photos 18 months ago, but held off on their release, only putting them out now because his plight wasn’t receiving enough attention. 


Iranian protesters break into British Embassy in Tehran

A protester walks with a poster from the British embassy in Tehran Nov. 29, 2011. Dozens of young Iranian men entered buildings inside the British embassy compound in Tehran on Tuesday, throwing rocks, petrol bombs and burning documents looted from offices, Iranian news agencies reported. (Reuters)


Today’s cover story is on Iran’s latest attempt at international terror — the shadowy operatives, the Mexican hit squad and the elaborate (and foiled) plot to bomb embassies and assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador on U.S. soil. 

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Delegates walk out of the United Nations General Assembly in the midst of the speech by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the U.N. headquarters in New York. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

“We always give Iran our best advice. They seldom follow it.”

State Department spokesman PJ Crowley, asked whether the U.S. government was trying to send a message to Iran through its Twitter messages to the Iranian people. (via officialssay)

Disturbing scenes in Iranian parliament as lawmakers call for execution of opposition leaders.

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"Let me very clearly and directly support the aspirations of the people who are in the streets in Iran today."Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - @RussertXM_NBC