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The 7-year-old, second-grade student at Downtown Montessori Academy wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden and other officials a few months ago with a simple idea for making the world safer. His teacher Jenny Aicher says his letter suggested that if guns shot chocolate bullets, no one would get hurt.

Wisconsin boy gets handwritten response from Biden - Yahoo! News

Joe Biden doing Joe Biden things

(Photo via @CPrignano)

Biden Working His Way Through Scratch-Off Tickets During Obama’s Swearing-In

The Onion

BuzzFeed: Chuck Hagel Wearing A Joe Biden Mask

A Steve Clemons story from 2009 clarifies that Hagel wore this outfit to a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on Halloween 2007 that Biden was chairing. 

Clearly, the VP was having more fun than anyone in Washington today!”@PatCallaghan6

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“It’s meatball with provolone.”- Joe Biden, ordering sandwiches for his staff @Potbelly today in DC.

(WH Photo-D. Lienemann) 


Joe Biden, the man Obama has chosen to lead his gun-control effort now, four years ago: “If [Obama] tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”

As a friend of mine says, the meanest thing you can do to a politician is quote him accurately.


Great Biden photo or greatest Biden photo?