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"Editors at NY Times forgot to delete this line from Helen Thomas obit." - @ahmed

“We’re all bloggers and punks and rebels with cameras. There is absolutely no respect for career journalists anymore.”

NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel said that protecting journalists today is perhaps harder than ever “because you have to tackle the question of who is a journalist and who is an activist in a way that never existed before.”

Read: Journalists Brief UN Security Council on Reporter ProtectionThe Epoch Times

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“28 percent.”

The number of Americans who still believe journalists contribute “a lot” to society, according to a new Pew study. Ouch. 

"MSNBC challenged CNN for the Stupidity Crown. They transitioned to this topic after discussing TX abortion bill." - @KerithBurke

Journalists Against Journalism: David Gregory, Meet the Press →





(Click the dot next to the caption to listen to Mr. Gregory in his own words)

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Done. Great concept.

Howard Kurtz quits CNN to host Fox News media program - JIMROMENESKO →

The longtime host of CNN’s “Reliable Source” show, is jumping to Fox News to host a weekend media program and write for

From a reliable source to an unreliable one.” @ShortFormErnie

“In his obituary of Hastings, Ben Smith links him to the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson and of oppositional Watergate-era journalism. That feels right — Hastings blended the best of both styles. Political journalism, if you approach it the wrong way, is a high-speed ticket to the world of the comfortable. You’re not supposed to use that ticket. You’re supposed to afflict the comfortable. You’re supposed to make them hate you, fear hearing from you, and tell you things they know they shouldn’t. I’m worried about all the unaccountable S.O.B.s who’ll never have to worry about Michael Hastings reporting on them. Reporters: Give them something to worry about.”

"Everyone should see this beautiful tribute from Rachel Maddow to Michael Hastings." - @BuzzFeedAndrew