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Follow the money.

This film and investigation connects the dots and reveals why the Koch brothers are trying to end public education and how their wealth winds up in the hands of Jim Crow. Watch the video, then call David Koch and tell him to stop funding school resegregation now. His number is 212-319-1100. 

Breaking: Scandal. Koch, ExxonMobil busted writing laws to reverse climate and environmental regulations →


Must read. Bloomberg blows the lid off of a DC front group that’s funded by anti-environmental corporations with major stakes in reversing regulations. The group drafts bills for Republican legislators, who then bring the issue to the floor and public to attack climate change, EPA, enviro-regs, and more.  

Source: Bloomberg

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David Koch was the Libertarian Party’s VP candidate in 1980




CNN gets sign-bombed.

Funny AND true: the marks of a great protest sign. Someone buy that man a beer.

When I saw this, I reflexively put my hand over my heart, stood up, and began tearing up as The Star Spangled Banner started playing in my head.   

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Fox News Host Shepard Smith Reports The Truth On Wisconsin Story! 

Wisconsin Governor gets punked

FAKE KOCH: Well, I’ll tell ya what, Scott. Once you crush these bastards, I’ll fly ya out to Cali and really show you a good time.

WALKER: Alright. That would be outstanding. Thanks for all the support and helping us move the cause forward. - ThePlumLine

Scott Walker is the victim of an old-fashioned prank. Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy called the Wisconsin Governor on the phone yesterday, posing as conservative billionaire David Koch, a successful businessman and heavy financier of Republican causes. - The Last Word