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Fast food and retail workers to walk out nationwide Aug. 29


If you go to your local McDonald’s, or Wendy’s, or KFC or Burger King on August 29, you may find something unusual: A picket line. And as one New York Times food columnist wrote last month, “If you want to show support, don’t cross it.”

And the same caution applies if you drop in at a major retailer - Macy’s is prominently mentioned - to take advantage of a “pre-Labor Day sale.” More pickets.

That’s because hundreds of thousands of fast food and retail workers nationwide, fed up with minimum-wage jobs with no benefits and no advancement, plan to strike that day. And they’re drawing enthusiastic support from the nation’s unions. […]

Chris Christie vetoes minimum wage increase →



Really trying to lock down 2016, by hitting hourly workers where it hurts the most.

Right. When people think he’s a moderate and a great guy — there’s this.

Senator Kennedy’s Fiery Minimum Wage Speech In Senate 2007

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