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Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade


Check Out These Punk Rock Posters, Remixed With Swiss Modernism

The Swissted collection doesn’t intend to literally explain any band’s sound or look. In honor of Swiss modernist principles, graphic designer Mike Joyce created abstract expressions instead. “If you look at Josef Muller-Brockmann’s ‘Musica Viva’ series, there’s not a musical instrument or musician to be seen,” Joyce tells Co.Design. “He used shape, structure, motion, color, and typography to evoke the feeling of music.”

Read and see more posters here: Co.Design


When Marc Anthony sang “God Bless America” at last night’s MLB All-Star Game, racists were understandably outraged since baseball is America’s national pastime and Anthony is clearly not American.

I mean, just look at the guy!

Anyhow, these two guys win the award for Most Idiotic Tweets I’ve Seen Today. When presented with the fact that Anthony is, in fact, American, they continue to insist that there’s some sort of problem, honestly convinced that it’s impossible for someone to be Latino and American at the same time. After all, he’s clearly not white and doesn’t look like he could possibly be from New York.

Stupid facts. Always trying to get in the way of people’s racism.


The record is my story,” Morissette says. “I think of the album as running over the different facets of my personality, one of them being my sexual self.

To isolate “You Oughta Know’ is a misrepresentation of the whole story. By no means is this record just a sexual angry record. That song wasn’t written for the sake of revenge, it was written for the sake of release. I’m actually a pretty rational, calm person.

Jagged Little Pill was released 18 years ago today. Find out what Alanis Morissette had to say about the album in 1995.

A new video features a vintage (and beautifully animated) interview w/ the Beastie Boys


Bush and Gwen Stefani - Glycerine= awesome

Uninvited, Alanis Morissette (acoustic)

Adam Yauch’s Will Prohibits Use of Beastie Boys Songs in Advertisements

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"Red Hot Chili Peppers did an awesome cover of ‘I Feel Love’" - @_mikehayes

RIP Donna Summer

“Shake, Rattle And Roll,” Big Joe Turner