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Police captain Ray Lewis from Phily protesting w #OccupyWallStreet

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The conspiracy theories of Occupy Wall Street

Perhaps nothing shows that Occupy Wall Street has hit a nerve more than the growing number of conspiracy theories surrounding the movement. In fact, Occupy Wall Street “seems to have done more to fuel rumors than it has to end corporate greed.” Here, five of the most head-scratching, pervasive conspiracy theories swirling around the protests — and how critics answer them

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“Even if nothing else happens here, even if everyone goes home today, it’s enough because what started here is going to continue in other ways and I think it’s going to continue in other ways we can’t predict.”

“Where do we go from here?” (via OccupyWallSt)

Alec Baldwin SMACKDOWN on Ending the Fed on Occupy Wall Street

The New York Observer

At Zuccotti Park, the Mystery of the ‘Hipster Cop’ 

He has become an instant local celebrity and a fascination of online coverage. Blogs anointed him the “hipster cop’’ and mused about his identity. Twitter users posted snapshots of him. Online sleuths matched the snapshots to those of a community affairs detective in the First Precinct named Rick Lee.

Now it can be told: the officer is indeed Detective Lee, who confessed when approached by a reporter at the park.

“That’s what they call me,” he said with a slightly exasperated sigh.

“I will reveal that I wear skinny jeans off-duty,” he said, adding that the department frowns upon wearing them on-duty.

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Naomi Wolf Arrested at a Occupy Wall Street Protest →

Feminist author Naomi Wolf was arrested in New York outside an event that was awarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo. According to The Guardian’s account of the incident, there was around 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters who were gathered outside Skylight Studios to demonstrate against Cuomo’s opposition to a millionaires tax while he was inside being honored by the Huffington Post with a “Game Changer of the Year Award.” The police were apparently trying to keep the sidewalks clear. Read more.

Police engulf small group of peaceful OWS protesters in Phoenix