I do indeed like so-called ‘deep dish pizza.’ It’s very tasty. But it should not be called ‘pizza.’ It should be called ‘a tomato pie.’ Real pizza is Neapolitan. [from Naples, Italy] It is thin. It is chewy and crispy, OK?

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin “Nino” Scalia offers ruling: Deep dish v. thin crust?


Herman Cain could not be reached for comment

Jon Stewart Rips Donald Trump a New One Over His Questionable Pizza Choices

Yes, we all love to make fun of The Donald. But Jon Stewart’s nearly-eight-minute-long tirade on last night’s episode of The Daily Show takes the cake (um, pie?) when it comes to Trump dressing-downs. - villagevoicemedia

“They loved everything,” he said. “I think they said it was better than Chicago pizza.”

“I think they had a pepperoni, a regular and a sausage,” Gina Peluso said.

Ms. Peluso is a manager at Grimaldi’s, the legendary Brooklyn pizza joint at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

“They” is the Obama family (minus paterfamilias, who’s been busy) and their security entourage, whose spring-break field trip stopped at Grimaldi’s for lunch on Wednesday.