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PBS Documentary Looks at Right-Wing Promotion of Ignorance Through Textbooks.

(Sierra Voices) - Texas textbooks determine what children learn nationwide.

“I believe that dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark … somebody’s got to stand up to these experts.” (Don McElroy, former member of the Texas State Board of Education).


Well, no wonder the GOP wants to defund PBS. Where can I send them a donation??!

What is this?

It’s called The Revisionaries. It was EXCELLENT! Watch it, in its entirety here.

Californians willing to pay higher taxes for better schools - LA Times →

A strong majority of California voters is willing to pay higher taxes to boost funding for public schools even in a grim economy, a new poll has found.

After three years of budget cuts that have battered schools with extensive teacher layoffs and deep cuts in art, music and other programs, 64% of those surveyed said they would shell out more for schools.

The consensus was broad, crossing both genders and all races, ages, regions, income and educational levels. One exception was conservative Republicans, with only 34% willing to pay more for schools. But 60% of Republicans who described themselves as moderate or liberal and three-fourths of Democrats said they would support such a move.

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"Hey Gail, first off it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school, don’t bother me about where I send mine." - NJ Gov. Chris Christie when asked, by a NJ citizen, about Christie cutting public school funding.

"I think Snooki highlights the problem in public education… Watch the ‘Jersey Shore’, watch it. and tell me what teacher could have possibly reached any one of them, to get any one of their scores (school grades) up, in any subject?" - Lawrence O’Donnell


Howard Stern Show discusses Kirk Cameron

Stern played a clip of former “Growing Pains” star, Kirk Cameron, whining about the fact that his kids can’t pray or get bibles in public schools and that they have to learn about evolution. Howard pointed out, if you want to expose your kids to your religious views in school, send them to a religious school – but kids should not have to have others’ religious beliefs pushed on them in public schools. As Howard noted, if kids are going to be taught any religious beliefs in school, they need to be taught all religious beliefs – including Satanism.