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Here’s a piece for the libertarians out there: The New Republic has a story laying out the potential for Rand Paul to follow in his movement-creating dad’s footsteps, noting that Rand’s strength is that he’s a strong political player, not just an ideologue. The NSA scandal only plays into that, Julia Ioffe writes: “This is a moment tailored for Rand Paul, more than for Marco Rubio or Chris Christie, or anyone else in the potential Republican 2016 lineup.” Read on for a pretty solid talker.

They’re assuming I took a side with this post. But I was merely pointing out that the GOP’s new flavor of the month, Rand Paul, might have a problem because of his stated stance about cutting off funding to Israel. 

My point was political, not ideological. If Paul runs, won’t right-wing evangelicals go nuts? Won’t most republican politicians do the same? We went through an entire episode with Defense Secretary Hagel’s nomination because of his so-called anti-Israel positions.

Politically speaking, doesn’t it make sense that Paul will have to flip on this issue? And my question at the end of the post was basically: Can he and survive, or even win? 

P.S. Thank you for the kind words!

Speaking of Israel… Rand Paul has a BIG problem, no?

Somehow Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is regarded by friend and foe alike as a legitimate potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016. I’ve heard CNN, FOX News — in an interview with Sean Hannity — and MSNBC refer to Paul as a serious candidate. Everyone is ignoring the GOP elephant in the room. 

Now, I am aware that Paul can both stand and talk for a really LONG time. So, that’s fantastic, I guess. But when did the media and republican pundits decide that someone can run for president, under the banner of either of the two major parties, and actually win the nomination when they’ve stated flat-out that they are for ending all foreign aid to Israel? 

No doubt, if he decides to run, he will flip on this issue. But can he get away with that, especially in a republican party that supposedly has unconditional love for Israel? 

BREAKING NEWS: Washington Times reports that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wins CPAC 2013 straw poll. - @thehill →

UPDATE: CPAC Straw poll results in order: Paul (25), Rubio(23), Santorum (8), Christie (7), Ryan (6), Walker (5), Carson (4), Cruz (4) - @ZekeJMiller

“The president offers you free stuff, but his policies keep you poor.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)  Tea Party response

Later in his speech, Paul appeared to be referencing a false rumor that Obama had given welfare recipients free phones. - WaPo

The Zombie That Ate Rand Paul’s Brain

Aha. It seems that I was giving Rand Paul more credit than he deserved. Think Progress has the video, and it’s clear that Paul was completely shocked at the notion that government employment had fallen under Obama, rather than soaring. - Paul Krugman

Read: NYTimes

“It’s not ideological to ask someone to stick to the question presented. It’s just being respectful of you the viewer, the voter, who deserves direct answers from the people who are fortunate enough to be given a platform on national television to speak directly to the American people.” - CNN’s Don Lemon, Mediaite


The Daily Show’s Exclusive Extended Interview with Rand Paul

Jon Stewart’s interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul went long on last night’s Daily Show, so they put the full, uncensored thing up on the web this morning.

This is part one. Click the link for parts two and three.

"So, we can talk about this in an adult way, the way I want to talk about it, my ground rules. Or I can remind everyone you use to f**k hookers." - Jon Stewart

"We all work for rich people or we sell stuff to rich people.  So, just punishing rich people is as bad for the economy as punishing anyone." - Senator-elect Rand Paul, standing up for the little guy.