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"Rick Perry’s signature looks like a muppet wrote it." - @gnewburn

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Four Ten of the best reasons beyond Newt Gingrich’s judgment, Mitt Romney’s betting prowess and Rick Perry’s …. uh - what was it about Rick Perry, again? - at Thursday night’s GOP Debate on Fox. Follow along at Tumblr Tag “Fox Debate Iowa,” Twitter tag #FoxDebateIowa and right here where you can livechat the debate with us.

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“Rick is not dumb,” says a college classmate. “He’s just not educated.”

Rick Perry.  Illustration by Andre Carrilho.


Apocalypse now? Donald Trump is going to moderate a debate.

Who would show up for such a thing? Likely everybody.

Though presidential candidates may initially balk at the idea of appearing in a debate where Mr. Trump – with his bombast and The Hair – is the one posing the questions, they may ultimately see it as an invitation they can’t refuse. In fact many of the candidates have already met with him, some more publicly than others. Representative Michele Bachmann has sat down with Mr. Trump several times this year. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas had dinner with him at Jean Georges, the posh Manhattan restaurant. And Mitt Romney paid a visit but carefully avoided being photographed.

And Newsmax is a powerful player itself. It has a broad reach into the conservative base, with monthly Web traffic second only to Fox News among sites with conservative-leaning audiences.

"Then came the moment when just about every viewer must have concluded that he ended any chance that he could be a viable candidate: when he couldn’t remember the third of the three federal departments he had proposed to eliminate. My younger colleagues at the Washington Examiner twittered that this was the worst moment in a presidential debate for a candidate they had ever seen. Well, I have been watching presidential debates since the first Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960, and it was the worst moment in a debate I have ever seen too.” - Michael BaroneWashington Examiner

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One EXCRUCIATING minute of Rick Perry forgetting what third agency he’d cut as president of the United State, live at the CNBC debate. Seriously awkward.

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