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This week’s cover: Rupert Murdoch is the last member of a dying breed. Time for him to step back

There was plenty of drama in London Tuesday when Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks testified before a committee of Parliament about the phone-hacking and alleged police-bribing scandal rocking Britain. Jeffrey Brown discusses the proceedings with The New York Times’ John Burns and NPR’s David Folkenflik.

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Updated NYTimes: Interactive graphic on key figures in the phone hacking scandal 

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Rupert Murdoch’s empire, in graphical form: Tumblr’s new multi-photo layout feature seems really freaking cool to us. So we had this idea for seeing how we’d use it to present news. Our subject? Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. — mainly, to emphasize the scope of the dude’s empire. We created this in about an hour using InDesign. Enjoy! (Some sources we used: Mogulite, L.A. Times, The Guardian, The National Post, News Corp.)

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@WendiMurdoch: I like to karate chop hippies. You have a cream pie, I have fists of steel.

WSJ: Here’s an annotated image of the pie attack on Rupert Murdoch, which identifies key figures in the room.

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Murdoch pie thrower is an “activist, comedian, father figure and all-round nonsense.”

Rupert Murdoch is attacked by a member of the public while appearing before MPs. His wife Wendy Deng attempted to strike the attacker. Info via - @journalismnews

Reports say attacker had plate with white foam (shaving cream pie).