How disingenuous for it to be John Roberts [who wrote the majority opinion]. John Roberts can talk about 40 or 50 years have passed. John Roberts had the same attitude towards the Voting Rights Act in 1982 — when he worked for the Reagan Justice Department. This is a guy who has been trying to get rid of the Voting Rights Act since ‘82, and that was 17 years after what happened on Bloody Sunday … not 40. So, his attitude hasn’t changed. His rationale has changed.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, last night on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell


To know Justice O’Connor as I am privileged to do is to know that the word ‘regret’ never passes her lips. She is a forward-looking person. She is a Westerner. She is someone who is always thinking about the future, and it’s one of the absolutely great things about her. Did she regret her vote in Bush v. Gore? Did she regret the Bush presidency? You bet she did, and you bet she does. The war in Iraq. The war on terror. John Ashcroft as attorney general. The Terri Schiavo case. All of these things filled Justice O’Connor with revulsion, and you can be sure that her vote in Bush v. Gore weighs on her mind. Now, regret it? Saying she regretted it? Did she regret it? You bet.
Jeffrey Toobin talks to Terry Gross about how retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor doesn’t regret her vote in Bush v. Gore (via nprfreshair)