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Flashback: 4/30/2011 - Sarah Palin is surprise guest at White House Correspondents’ weekend parties - The Washington Post

Sarah Palin proudly wears a red Chick-fil-A shirt to Phoenix Suns game

Daily News

Palin drinking a Big Gulp on stage at CPAC 

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"Barack Obama did not have the answers tonight. And you know why? He didn’t have, his buddy, the teleprompter in front of him, writing out, somebody, had written out for him, in all these years of being a candidate and the president, the answers." - Sarah Palin

Yes, she said that, while looking at, her buddy, her hand, maybe something written out, somebody, had written out for her, in all these years… 


Not Just Todd Akin: The 10 worst political gaffes of the past decade

Here’s the final entry in our weekly summer post series, “The Pitch.” (We’ll bring this back at some point, we promise!) This post, written and research by Matthew Keys, examines what we’re calling the ten most-prominent political gaffes of the last decade or so. Follow Matthew on Twitter here.

From zero to infamy in 30 seconds: Before last week, Missouri Senate candidate and current Rep. Todd Akin didn’t have a national profile. He looked like he might take down Claire McCaskill thanks in part to changing demographics in the state. But thanks to a half-minute comment on the nature of abortion, Akin is down as much as ten points in a recent poll. He felt the wrath of the gaffe. And he’s not alone. Gaffes have taken on a life of their own in modern political coverage. So with that in mind, SFB contributor Matthew Keys (who you might know from his epic Twitter account) has thrown together a list of the worst gaffes of the past ten years. Which is the worst? Find out after the jump.

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