It would be easier to dismiss [Hoboken Mayor Dawn] Zimmer if not for the bridge closure. And it would be easier to explain away the bridge closure if not for Zimmer. That’s the problem for Christie: These stories are beginning to build. Each new revelation makes the past scandals more believable — and more damaging. And each new story intensifies the media’s efforts to find more. The problem for Christie isn’t what his aides did. It’s what they thought he wanted them to do.
“I’m gonna kill that f—king guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder. … “I’ll rip his f—king throat out. I’ll poke his eyes out… . I’ll make sure that motherf—ker’s dead.”

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, caught in video rant - Toronto Star

This entire thing has to eventually end with Ford looking directly into a camera and saying: “The Aristocrats.” No?

Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan … went off on a curse-filled rant about [Olivia] Nuzzi, describing her as a fame hungry “bitch” who “sucked” at her job. Morgan also called Nuzzi a “slutbag,” “twat,” and “cunt” while threatening to sue her.
There was the time when he called his 20 interns into a cramped office, and boasted that if we told him our names and one fact about ourselves, he could correctly identify all of us. He went around the room, then went back to the first intern, and tried to remember her name.

“Monica,” he said. No, it was Stephanie.

Then he called me “Monica.” Wrong again.

He got the next three interns’ names wrong, and then called the whole thing off.