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Senator Scott Brown drains an amazing half-court shot in Hyannis yesterday. - 

A new UMass Amherst Poll released today found that Elizabeth Warren has opened up a four point lead on Scott Brown, 43%-39%. →


Warren’s lead in the poll was within the margin of error, but the Democratic challenger leads Sen. Brown in several key areas. Warren leads Brown 38%-32% on the question of which candidate would do a better job handling the economy. She also leads the Republican incumbent, 40%-29% on healthcare, and 37%-30% on taxes. Brown leads Warren 33%-25% on the handling of terrorism.

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ShortFormBlog: Elizabeth Warren will run for Senate in Massachusetts, taking on Scott Brown →



  • then President Obama decided that Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Despite the CFPB being Warren’s brainchild, it was clear the GOP would not vote for her confirmation in any measure.
  • now Warren’s set her sights on a job for…


Elizabeth Warren Launches Exploratory Committee For Possible Senate Run Against Scott Brown


Elizabeth Warren, the former Obama adviser and consumer protection advocate, launched an exploratory committee Thursday, the next step toward a possible Senate challenge to Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

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Maddow takes full-page ad in Boston to say she’s still not running

"Senator Brown never even tried to find out if it was true, before using the made-up threat of me running against him, to try to scare donors into giving him more money. He sent the letter all around the country, to the out-of-state conservative activists who provided so much of the funding for his successful Senate campaign."

Scott Brown thinks Obama’s mother wasn’t married when she gave birth to him. This was recorded during the 2008 Republican National Convention.