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The Beetle shark cage is now a convertible, and via an interactive site you can ride along with marine biologist Luke Tipple and enjoy a 360-degree view of sharks in their native habitat. - Co.Create

Ya wanna click through. This is too cool for school. 


How many sharks do humans kill every hour? This many.

This shark can turn invisible

The splendid lantern shark has three incredibly cool features. First, it’s called “the splendid lantern shark,” which is rad. I am going to start putting “the splendid” in front of my name when I introduce myself to people, too. Second, it can glow in the dark. Third, it can freakin’ turn itself invisible.

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Great White Shark Shuts Down Cape Cod Beach

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Cage divers confront a great white shark. (© David Litchfield) #

Oil disaster whistleblower’s VIDEO: After Deepwater Horizon fire, were sharks feeding on bodies?

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