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Top 5 Sneaker Brands on Tumblr →


I wrote about sneakers. And Tumblr. Click through to see which kicks are doing Tumblr right.

Brands are learning Tumblr. It was a rocky match at first, but they’re getting better, as we saw with the top auto brands on Tumblr. By creating compelling content — whether in the form of GIFs, images, text or video — brands can use the platform as one giant branding tool.

As part of Digiday’s ongoing look at brands on Tumblr, this week, we turn to the sneaker brands who are building footprints in the social universe. These are obvious matches for Tumblr, as they’re true passion brands that have loyal followings and tons of great imagery at their disposal.

A collection of sneakers inspired by iconic bands who defined what it means to rock. The Clash. Cobain. Blondie. Kurt Cobain. And Converse. What a lineup.

barefoot runners claim fewer injuries and knee problems. they are talking about this on MSNBC. I saw some dude on Colbert who basically said this knowledge is kept quiet because of the huge sneaker industry.