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Here is Jackie Robinson on first day playing as Brooklyn Dodger, Ebbets Field, today 1947 - @BeschlossDC


Cleveland baseball fans stand against racism by #DeChiefing their gear

In the past few months, debate surrounding the use of racial caricatures as pro sports mascots has reached a fever pitch. Just ask the Washington Redskins, who’ve endured significant backlash for both their refusal to change their name and their half-assed attempts to placate their critics.

But a few miles west, fans of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians are taking a stand. In a motion of solidarity, a small but growing number have been “de-Chiefing” their paraphernalia by removing the offensive “Chief Wahoo” mascot from caps and jerseys that bear its likeness.

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Ready for some Baracketology? Check out POTUS’s picks for the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

H to the Izzo


He picked Mich. St. Kinda proud of the “H to the Izzo” w/ reaction GIF here. 

With Bob Costas still sidelined by an eye infection, Meredith Vieira will make history on Friday by becoming the first woman to ever anchor NBC’s prime time Olympic coverage solo. -


“The 2014 season will be my last year playing professional baseball.” - Derek Jeter


Bad British NFL Commentary.

This is just the best.

-Jody, BL Show-

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The Final Comeback of Keith Olbermann

Here we go again: Keith Olbermann’s stormed off or been kicked off pretty much every channel on the air, enraged whole voting blocs, insulted Al Gore, and become his own Worst Person in the World. But now, to the surprise of every detractor, every former employer, and, hell, Olbermann himself, he’s back on ESPN, the channel he made and that made him. The least angry (really), most contented (seriously), most committed team player (c’mon) in broadcasting tells Michael Hainey why this time—this time—it’s all going to work out great.