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Obama’s viral Spider-Man pic tops his adorable moments with kids

(Photo: Pete Souza / White House)

TIME Magazine named President Barack Obama its person of the year on Wednesday, dubbing him the “beneficiary and the author of a kind of a New America,” according to managing editor Rick Stengel. The announcement was accompanied by an instantly iconic photo of the President horsing around at the White House with a tiny Spider-Man.

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Call for Submissions: What’s Your Favorite Tumblr?






At, we’re working on a guide to the best Tumblrs out there. But we want to know what you think first.

What Tumblr can’t you live without? (Aside from ours, of course.) Whether it’s news, photography, design or just cat videos, we want to know what you follow — and why. 

Reply to this post (and include the URL) with your picks. We’ll mark popular suggestions as “Readers’ Choice” in our final list, which should come out by the end of January.

We’d like to nominate Hipstamaticat, ilovecharts, rappersdoingnormalshit, cheatsheet (our sibling blawg) and shortformblog. (But that’s hardly a complete list! We love you all! Really!)

We love you Newsweek, thank you! Also, we give an emphatic cosign to shortformblog - they are my favorite news bloggy type tumblr. I’d like to add (off the top of my head) youmightfindyourself, motherjones, world-shakertheyuniversity and casperthefriendlyshibainu (I love that dog, deal with it) to the list. 

Help out TIME with their list! And if you mention us I won’t get mad, I promise.

Thanks to both of you! On top of both of these guys, our picks: Newsflick, inothernews, Buzzfeed, Pantsless Progressive, joshsternberg and imwithkanye.

Think we’re cool too? Throw Time Magazine a nudge via reblog! And let us know your picks!

I’d definitely add brooklynmutt, pantlessprogressive, liberalsarecool, cognitivedissonancetruth-has-a-liberal-biasreagan-was-a-horrible-presidentsarahlee310 and many, many more. How does one narrow down a short list when there are so many awesome Tumblr-ers out there?

Thanks Kiley! Here are mine

Whoa. Time Magazine responded to our Tumbl-zine about their news coverage *in the magazine*. →


Last week’s issue also caused considerable consternation among bloggers and readers, who objected to our putting the protests in Egypt inside our domestic edition and on the cover overseas. “Why is anxiety the most pressing issue in the U.S. while the Egyptian revolution gets front-page treatment internationally?” read a typical e-mail. Observers at ShortFormBlog analyzed a year’s worth of our covers and concluded each edition gets the same amount of hard news, give or take an issue or two. We’re glad to be held to high expectations, especially when the bar is set by one of our own editions.

Good on Time for directly responding to the controversy.

Is? Shouldn’t the question be: why? Or who is to blame?

TIME cover photo from 31 years ago: Islam and oil
- pourmecoffee

TIME cover photo from 31 years ago: Islam and oil


TIME 100 Issue: WTF?

Are you ready??? Under LEADERS they actually have Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

Leaders? Really, Time?  A popular controversial daytime talk show host who can’t hold on to his sponsors and granted, a Governor is a leader, but she QUIT! If you can somehow rationalize this because they have many followers, then where is Rush and a whole host of other unaccomplished bozo’s? 

entire list here 

Newsweek Joins the Colbert Nation - →

Because I am just that big a guy, I had to let you know that the competition, Newsweek, has an issue guest-edited by Stephen Colbert on newsstands next Monday. As this New York Observer article notes, guest-edited magazine issues have a mixed history (see the Roseanne issue of the New Yorker), but Colbert’s an incredibly smart guy, and I’ll certainly read it.  - James Poniewozik