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Confetti flies during countdown test in Times Square

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Once a mainstay of the Tin Pan Alley music scene, Colony is now the last man standing, and it shows. The creaky drawers and scarred slide-top cases of CDs; rows of faded, autographed celebrity head-shots; and bins of retro concert posters are all hallmarks of a business that still has one foot squarely in the past. Just like back then, the mainstay of the store is sheet music; scores and fake books take up the majority of the space, covering everything from Broadway shows to be-bop. There are also racks of showtune/soundtrack CDs, contemporary rock and reggae albums, and boxed-sets of classic vocalists like Bing Crosby and Sinatra. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among the substantial inventory, take heart—the motto of the “musicologist” staff is, “You hum the tune, we tell you the title.” (text via NYMag)

I could probably live in this place. My kind of joint. 


Times Square evacuated from 42nd to 47th street, suspicious package being investigated by NYPD. Twitpic via @tobins

UPDATE via soupsoup: @viewofadam: Times Square bomb scare has now been cleared and traffic is back in full motion. #breaking

Times Square Live Cam via writer-a

We can only hope that we learn the lessons of Times Square