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Shocking new images of tsunami striking Fukushima 

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New video filmed by an amateur photographer of the large tsunami that swept through Japan one month ago. In the film, villagers from an unknown town in the Miyagi Prefecture could be seen running for their lives away from a large wave of water, cars and homes.


With most of Odaka’s residents evacuated, a body lies half-buried and unmoved in mud brought by the tsunami. Photographer Donald Weber defied government orders against entering the exclusion zone and shot several photographs on assignment for Newsweek.

[Newsweek: Images from inside the exclusion zone around Fukushima]

9 P.M. (PBS) Nova “Japan’s Killer Quake”

First the quake, then the tsunami… now, heavy snow in Sendai. 


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Anthony De Rosa (Soup) and Tumblr both credited in this ABC News story regarding social media and the tsunami in Japan. 

“First and foremost, Japan is an earthquake country. Why do we need nuclear power? Any accident is the same as the A-bomb. It makes one wonder what have the government has learned from the past.” - @saltfish_nsk

After Quake and Tsunami, Japanese Citizens Flock to Social Networks for Information - NYTimes



A wave approaches Miyako City from the Heigawa estuary in Iwate Prefecture after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck the area March 11, 2011. (Reuters)

If I saw this out of context, unaware of what had happened in Japan, I’d swear it was CGI.

Good God, how scary.

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How the quake shifted Japan

Images from NASA’s Terra satellite show the coastline of Japan’s Honshu island in the area around Sendai before and after Friday’s earthquake. The left image is from Feb. 26, and the right image is from today. The images are color-coded to reflect surface composition rather than what the eye would see. The “Flood” label helps you gauge the extent of the flooding caused by the tsunami that followed the quake.

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People in Tokyo watched footage of the tsunami in the north of Japan. [Credit: Louis Templado]

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The town of Minamisanriku, where 9500 people are unaccounted for.