It’s no accident that [Neil] Munro works for bow-tied, sexually anxious bully Tucker Carlson, who famously (but not believably) boasted of beating up a gay man who made a pass at him in a men’s room, and admitted that when he hears Hillary Clinton speak, “I involuntarily cross my legs.” Jon Stewart called him a dick eight years ago, and he’s only gotten worse. This is your modern Republican Party, folks. It only gets worse.
I like how [Carlson] prefaced it by saying he was Christian. Is that what Jesus would have done? I love the way that conservatives twist the Bible. If you listen to them, Jesus was a gun-toting, rich-loving Texan.

And if you’re executing people because they killed defenseless animals you may want to remember this: he said, playing a video clip of Palin shooting a caribou on her TLC reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Look, I know there is a difference. But is it really that large? Sarah Palin is folksy for killing a caribou, who was clearly trapped and defenseless, if you watch that show. And Michael Vick should be executed? I don’t think so.

National punch line and Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson may have a feud with MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, but they do have one thing in common: a strong dislike for Carlson’s Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly.

Carlson, who joined Fox News in May 2009, has called O’Reilly a “thin-skinned blowhard” and a “humorless phony” who talks “about himself so goddamn much,” and said of The O’Reilly Factor: “I don’t know who would want to watch that shit. Do you?” Carlson has also criticized O’Reilly’s Fox News colleagues for tolerating him, remarking that “Only masochists would go on his show—or watch it” and “network handlers” flatter O’Reilly’s ego too much.

Jon Stewart shows his utter disdain for Tucker Carlson and I for one, love it.

It pains me to pay attention to the work of the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s vanity project, as Carlson vies to compete with Andrew Breitbart on the right-wing “investigative journalism” frontier. What Carlson’s “journalism” has in common with Breitbart’s (besides being ethics-free) is blowing up stories that purport to “expose” the left with what are supposed to be the left’s own words — except that later, it will turn out that “the left’s own words” will have been hyped, manipulated and selectively edited, and that the story was baloney.

Joan Walsh - The shame of right-wing “journalism”

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I’ve heard a lot from MSNBC, from friends of mine who work there who despise Keith. I’ve always had kind of a soft spot for Keith because I feel sorry for him because of his various phobias. He won’t drive a car. He’s obviously a sad guy, in elastic-band jeans…

A lot of people there, as you well know, since you’ve reported on it for years, really hate Keith Olbermann because he’s cruel to people who work for him. A lot of those people have emailed me with joy, jubilation in their voices, in their email. Letters of congratulations, just thank you for doing this finally…

He’s despised at MSNBC…I’m not saying every person at MSNBC despises him but I would say he’s the most disliked person in the building by a factor of 10, and I would dare anybody who’s worked there to look me right in the eye and deny that…I don’t have any malice toward Olbermann. I feel sorry for him.

Tucker Carlson “feels sorry for Olbermann” - mediaite, who hates Olbermann, has the audio

If memory serves Olbermann has some sort of illness do to a head injury, that, I think, occurred on a NYC subway train. It affects his equilibrium. Therefore, it’s extremely low class of Carlson to bring that up. I always knew bow tie boy was a douche. This kinda solidifies it.