The FBI also released a similar warning when U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden. In related news, the guy who designed the underwear bomber’s underwear bomb was likely also killed in the strike that killed al-Awlaki.



FRONTLINE : The Man Who Knew

“We don’t know what would have happened if John could have done his job in Yemen and had really had the full back-up to go and to really push in Yemen and what kind of networks he could have exposed. But you know, we do know there were Yemenis involved in the attacks of September 11th. So is it possible that if he had been able to really open up that network and really expose that network, that he could have in some way deterred the tragedy of September 11th? I don’t think we know, but it’s sad because we won’t know the answer to that. But I think there is a fighting — he would have had had a fighting chance if he’d been able to do his job.” - Chris Isham, ABC News

John O’Neill wound up leaving the FBI and went to work, of all places, as head of security at the World Trade Center, and was one of the victims of the attack on 9/11



Sure, he’s gone, but it wasn’t peaceful: Last night, crowds flared up in celebratory tones over the departure of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who left his post under unsatisfactory conditions after he was violently injured during a raid on his palace. The conditions that led to his departure (after he spent more than 32 years in power) have led some activists to be a little less-willing to celebrate it on its own terms. “Our revolution was hijacked by the tribes,” noted Yemeni journalist and activist Shatha al-Harazi. ”How can we establish a civil state if tribes still wield so much power? They forced Saleh out with weapons and we failed to force him out with peace.” source

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Algeria and Yemen Resource List


Below is a list of resources for up-to-date information on the protests in Algeria and Yemen. As universalidentity said best, “Keep your eyes on Egypt, but listen to the rumble in the surrounding countries.” Her post inspired me to compile a list of sites and resources available to keep us informed on the uprisings in these two countries. Thanks to the always wonderful NewsFlick for helping out with this list.

Categories will be updated as more resources become available. Message, reblog or email me if you have additional resources that can be added.

Live blogs:

Google news feed (h/t middlewaypublishing):

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Yemen News, updating regularly:


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Algeria on Twitter:

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Yemen on Twitter:

Accounts: @JamjoomCNN@tomfinn__@ionacraig@JebBoone@JNovak_Yemen@Abou_3ali@YemenPeaceNews@Yemen_Forum@yemenwatch@al3ini@wsaqaf@AhlamS@HarunAlAmriki@yemen4change@ArabsUnite@Alaalsam@YemenEnglish@WomanfromYemen@yemen@FreedomNow2011@yemenwatch.

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Internet access information (h/t streamsofwikileaks):

To bypass government blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:

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‎#Algeria users Dial-up on +16504194196 - +390662207294 Or use Speak To Tweet by calling +16504194196 - +390662207294 #Feb12

Closing the embassy in Yemen last night — I mean, I don’t — you know, no one wants State Department officials to be put at risk and all that, but that is a sign of weakness.

Closing the embassy? We can’t protect our own embassy in Yemen, a place we have Special Operations forces, a place we say we’re working with the government on the front lines of the war on terror, and there’s a terror threat and we close the embassy? That’s a victory for Al Qaida.

Bill Kristol Claims Embassy Closing in Yemen is a “Victory for Al Qaida”

video here