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Video: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson clash over Benghazi consulate attack (via Talking Points Memo)

Hillary, Conspiracy, and Blood Clots



From Reuters:

FLASH: Secretary Clinton suffered blood clot between brain and skull, behind right ear, doctors say. Clinton did not suffer stroke or neurological damage according to doctors.

From a million idiots all over the country:

So, then, when is she going to testify about Benghazi? #tcot #faker #conspiracy #foxnews

First we had truthers. Then we had birthers. Now we have clotters.

Lawrence O’Donnell, the best thing on cable news, yes THE BEST! Brings us another must watch “Rewrite” segment. 

I understand there are a ton of people who have given up on the talking heads of nighttime cable news. But if you express your indignation about such programing and have not yet given O’D a shot your opinion is moot. 

Bush and Clinton joke, shared a stage in Toronto on Friday to discuss global affairs

Bush had discovered the challenges of cleaning up after pets as he walked the family dog, Barney, around their Dallas neighborhood.

"There I was, the former president, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had dodged for eight solid years," Bush said to laughs from the 6,000-strong audience.

Bush said he had phoned his mother to tell her about the event and she responded that Clinton had been spending so much time with his father, former President George H.W. Bush, in charity efforts that Clinton was “like my son.”

Turning to Clinton, Bush joked, “So brother, it is good to be with you.”


The Clinton Campaign talks about the race issue…….

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