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Conan O’Brien Headlines White House Correspondents Dinner

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“My wife just found my creepy shrine to CNN’s @ErinBurnett.”@ConanOBrien 

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Conan Obsessed With Michele Bachmann’s Creepy Cover


“CNN’s Anderson Cooper was attacked and punched in the head by protesters. Which brings up two questions: Is it safe to send our media overseas into hostile situations? And how do we get Glenn Beck over there?” — Conan O’Brien

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If you missed this, lunch might be a good time to catch up!  Had us all laughing here this morning.


In Case You Missed It of the Day: Conan O’Brien opened last night’s premiere episode of his new late-night talk show Conan with a recap of what he’s been up to since being unceremoniously booted from The Tonight Show.



Conan O’Brien announced the name of his new TBS show today: Conan! Watch video of his announcement here!

 The official promo for Conan’s new show on TBS. Debuts Nov. 8th 


Conan O’Brien live duet with Jim Carrey (who was dressed as Superman) 

Performed Five For Fighting’s early 2000s hit “Superman”