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“This may be a moment in Senate history, when a senator made a proposal that, when given an opportunity for a vote on that proposal, filibustered his own proposal…I don’t think this has ever happened before.”

Sen. Dick Durbin, after Mitch McConnell’s latest scheme blew up in his face. McConnell introduced legislation today that would allow the president to unilaterally raise the debt limit, suspecting that Democrats wouldn’t have the guts to vote for it. When it became clear that Democrats did indeed have the votes to pass the bill with a simple majority, McConnell filibustered it, preventing its passage. The United States Senate, ladies and gentlemen. source (via shortformblog)

(via shortformblog)

Breakdown: The new new NEW new nü NEW debt ceiling framework


So, those Republicans finally got a framework! If anyone feels like you might be on the most boring roller coaster ever, you are, as there have been so many high and low points with this debt ceiling dramarama today that you probably feel so dizzy that people might mistake you for being drunk. Anyway, in the latest developments, Republicans have apparently reached a framework with the White House to make this debt ceiling deal happen. Based on this, which side do you think won the day? Here’s a roundup:

  • ceiling The debt ceiling would rise to $2.8 trillion (though this number is conflicting; AP reports $2.4 trillion). This would be enough to get us past the 2012 elections.
  • cuts Republicans would reportedly agree to roughly $1 trillion in cuts now, and then another $1.8 trillion later. Ignore our earlier version of the post; this is significant.
  • condition Republicans will get one thing out of the mess which in the end won’t mean anything — a vote on a balanced budget amendement. This will not pass. source

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Debt-ceiling drama: This mess needs to end really freaking soon


  • 10 freaking days to pull off this bloody debt-cutting mess source

» Can they kiss, make up and pull off a debt deal? With Republicans suddenly pushing for a smaller short-term agreement and Obama going all heave-ho in favor of a larger one, Obama’s starting to show some boldness that we haven’t seen in a while. In terms of political battles, he called the GOP’s bluff. To be clear, tax increases are the main sticking point here, but are we starting to see the limits of the all-or-nothing approach the GOP has to taxes? Obama looks like he’s not going to blink. But either side could.

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I don’t think people have a sense what the numbers are here. When we talk about the tax-cuts, the Republican plan right now, it would add 4 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years. Nothing that Obama has done, even if you multiple it by itself a couple of times over has done anything like that. That is 5 times larger than the Stimulus. That is 15 times larger than what TARP will end up being, which will be only like 66 billion dollars. So this is a huge increase on the deficit. And by the way, Obama’s middle class tax cut is about 3.2 trillion on the deficit. So, we just went, in a couple of months, to everyone saying the deficit is the most important issue in American politics to, should we increase it by 3 trillion dollars or 4 trillion dollars?

I mean, this is what American politics is. And nobody levels with the American people. On the right, the Republicans don’t say, “we think this is worth 4 trillion on the deficit.” Obama doesn’t say, “I think this is worth 3 trillion on the deficit.” We just sorta swing back and forth between pretending we are concerned about the deficit and pretending we’re concerned about taxes and never-ever deal with, as a country, with the disunites between those two positions.

Ezra Klein on the deficit and tax-cuts (MSNBC)

"I mean, this is what American politics is. And nobody levels with the American people."

There was a man who tried to “level” with the American people on this topic:

"Mr. Reagan will raise taxes; and so will I. He won’t tell you. I just did." - Walter Mondale (1984 debate vs Pres. Reagan).

Mondale won one state. His home state of Minnesota.

Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves? 


  • Extending the Bush tax cuts would add about $2.3 trillion to the national deficit.
  • On top of that, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax and ending the Estate Tax and Gifts Tax would add another $1.1 trillion to the national deficit.
  • Obama’s health care reform bill actually reduces the deficit, so fulfilling Republican wishes to repeal health care reform would add another $138 billion.
  • The other Obama proposal that would reduce the deficit is the cap and trade energy legislation. By blocking that, Republicans add another $19 billion to the deficit.

All for a grand total of $3.5 trillion!