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Who says you can’t have a relationship with a lamp? 

Though the Darwin and Wallace robotic lights don’t have faces on them, when they swing to point in your direction, it’s hard not to feel that they’re looking at you. - These Adorable Solar Lights Follow You Around Like A Loyal Pet


This Amazing High-Rise Apartment Building Looks Like A Giant Tree

With balconies budding like leaves, no one could complain for lack of outdoor space in this building in France.

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I want to live here!

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Steve Jobs said, “I want this to look good enough to lick.” After that, one of the designers stuck a half-sucked Life Saver to his monitor.

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I have an original poster with that design on it and I love it. That is all.


Check Out These Punk Rock Posters, Remixed With Swiss Modernism

The Swissted collection doesn’t intend to literally explain any band’s sound or look. In honor of Swiss modernist principles, graphic designer Mike Joyce created abstract expressions instead. “If you look at Josef Muller-Brockmann’s ‘Musica Viva’ series, there’s not a musical instrument or musician to be seen,” Joyce tells Co.Design. “He used shape, structure, motion, color, and typography to evoke the feeling of music.”

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Photograph: Cartoon Movement/VJMovement/LSE

The London School of Economics is hosting an exhibition of cartoons that address issues of justice and security. The images are provided by the VJM’s Cartoon Movement, a global collaborative platform for editorial cartoons and comics journalism. The exhibition in London runs until 17 February


10 Website Makeovers That Will Blow Your Mind | BuzzFeed

Your favorite sites weren’t always the perfectly crafted platforms you use today. Even the biggest had their awkward beginnings. Check out some popular websites like Gizmodo, Hotmail and Mashable when they were just out of the cradle.


The Present – “annual clock” tells time in seasons, using subtle gradients of pure color, to counter the modern malady of constantly feeling like time is moving too fast

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What a clever little product…The BIG BIG CURSOR.


“Like This”, 2011
Interactive Object
29 x 47 x 4 cm
Wood, Acrylic, Alkyd Paint, VFD-Display, Arduino

Munich-based “computational artisan”, Mario Klingemann, created the interactive piece Like This based on Facebook’s well-known Like button.

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