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“If you want $10 a gallon gasoline … Barack Obama should be your candidate.” - Newt Gingrich Feb, 2012.

@CNBC tweeted this photo out today. 

Absolutely, a good call. But really, CNBC? You’re congratulating yourself for a prediction that has a HUGE qualifier like “I’m going out on a limb here…” especially considering most on your network screamed “BUY! BUY! BUY!” right before the meltdown. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for the one time out of a million you were right.



“You will never recover,” warns the Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman citing evidence from past recessions in a recent interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. “By the time you get a chance to get a job that makes any use of your skills you will already be tarred…it just shadows your whole life.”

This video is just a four minute excerpt from the compelling forty-seven minute interview. Watch the entire discussion to learn more about the “hidden misery” of the current recession and why Krugman considers “food stamps are the soup kitchens of today.”

In his latest book, End This Depression Now!, Paul Krugman argues how national recovery could be felt in just two years. It’s available in paperback on January 28th.

“That’s not a measure of something we should be ashamed of.”

Michael Bloomberg on New York City’s growing income gap, noting that the city had worked “very hard” to lure wealthy residents. (via officialssay)

(via officialssay)

"We won’t say which analyst just sent this out to all of his clients, but this .gif did just arrive in inboxes of traders around Wall Street. The premise: After that weak jobs report, MONEY PRINTING IS COMING."  - Business Insider


A 12-year-old Victoria Grant’s exquisite critique of the banking system, concluding with a proposed solution. She’s speaking about Canada, but the gist applies to just about any industrialized nation. 

( Dangerous Minds)

"Parents don’t let your kids grow up to be the one percent" - Melissa Harris-Perry