Fox News officials professed indignation and surprise last week over the search of reporter James Rosen’s records amid a federal leak investigation

But prosecutors told Fox’s parent company of a subpoena nearly three years ago.

Prosecutors issued a subpoena for Rosen’s phone records and got a judge to sign off on a sealed warrant for his emails back in May 2010.

Think of this for one second, if it was Malia or Sasha or if it was Chelsea Clinton in Benghazi, pinned down with mortars coming in…don’t you think we’d be asking different questions?

Fox News’ Eric Bolling asks the important questions, like how weird would it be if President Obama’s daughters were in charge of protecting the embassy in Benghazi.

Uh, we know exactly what the questions would be like:

MSNBC: “Why are children protecting our diplomatic compounds? Did Newt Gingrich become president and no one noticed?”

Fox News: “Why is the president spending taxpayer money to hang out with Muslims on vacation? Oh, it’s because sharia and socialism, impeach, impeach, impeach.”

CNN: “Who pooped on this poop cruise and when did they do it?”

(via ccindecision)