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Who says you can’t have a relationship with a lamp? 

Though the Darwin and Wallace robotic lights don’t have faces on them, when they swing to point in your direction, it’s hard not to feel that they’re looking at you. - These Adorable Solar Lights Follow You Around Like A Loyal Pet


"These villains are not those kinds of villains [Shakespearean]. Sure, there’s palace intrigue and ambition, insane jealousy and a will to power, but our modern villains seem to be demonic in their cluelessness.” - Errol Morris On The Value Of Just Listening


Watch This Incredible Slo-Mo Video Of The Underwater Creatures You Never See

Coral is actually a living creature, but the human eye rarely catches it moving. This incredibly slow-motion video lets you see the ocean life you don’t notice, before it’s destroyed by climate change.


Apple’s “Transparent Texting” Could Make Typing And Walking Safer

If you’re walking, you really shouldn’t be texting. While not as perilous as texting and driving, there’s no surer way to annoy fellow pedestrians than by zigzagging across a sidewalk, eyes glued to your precious screen. But if you absolutely must walk and text, Apple might have a new feature that could make that action safer.

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Mind Reading Comes One Step Closer To Reality With The Glass Brain

What if you could see inside someone’s mind? It’s not possible to know exactly what another person is thinking, but neuroscientists from UCSD and UCSF are on their way. They created a “glass brain”: software that shows a person’s brain reacting to stimuli in real time. The implications for virtual reality and digital communication are tremendous, according to Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second Life, who has been collaborating with the neuroscientists.

“We’re trying to identify which critical factors can most help people feel like they’re face to face,” says Rosedale, whose new company, High Fidelity, is currently working on a next generation virtual world.

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